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The following are links to the Power Point Presentations that were used during the Low Impact Development and Stormwater BMP Workshop in Harrisburg, PA.  These presentations are for the convenience of the individuals that attended the workshop.  For the individuals that attended the workshop, THANK YOU for coming.  I personally had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone.

If you did not attend the workshop, "We" ("the Presenters") would appreciate that you do not download these presentations.  If you do download, the presentations, please send an email to PowerPoint Download. Also, if you need to use these presentations, "We" are requesting that you ask the permission to use the information and data and please provide proper acknowledgement of the author, presenter, and creator of the documents.  All data is the proper and work product of the individual presenters and it is being made available for your education- Please do not download or distribute these presentations in part.

Lohman Presentation (2004)
Harrisburg, PA
Ms. Catherine Chomat, PE, F.X. Browne, Inc.
Robert Traver, PhD, PE, Villanova University
Mr. Brian Oram, PG,and B.F. Environmental Consultants

The Only Presentations Online are Presentation 1,  2, 4, 6 and 7.
Presentation 3 and 5 and Not Online at the Moment - Because they are 20 mb each

Presentation 1- Impacts of Uncontrolled Runoff (source F.X. Browne, Inc.)
Presentation 2- Stormwater Management in Pennsylvania (source F.X. Browne, Inc.)
Presentation 3- Concepts of Low-Impact Development, i.e., Smart Engineering
(Villanova University)
Presentation 4- Measuring Infiltration, Soils, and Hydrology (Wilkes University)- This is not a zip file
Presentation 5- Infiltration and Filtration BMPs (Villanova University)
Presentation 6 - Ponds and Wetland BMPs, Retrofitting Basins (F.X. Browne, Inc.)
Presentation 7- Putting It All Together (F.X. Browne, Inc.)

Managing Stormwater in Our Communities - May 31, 2007
Hosted: At McGowan Room, College Misericordia, Dallas, PA
(Pdf files Only - Powerpoint Files- Available Upon Request)

Presentation 1 (pdf file) - Tree Canopy Cover, Mr. Vincent Cotrone, Urban Forester, Penn State Cooperative Extension
Presentation 2 (pdf file)- Ecological Stream and Watershed Connection (GIS) - Dr. Dale Bruns, Dean of College of Science and Engineering at  Wilkes University
Presentation 3 (pdf file)- Better Stormwater Management Design - Mr. Paul DeBarry, PE - Director of  Hydrology, Hydraulics, and GIS Section: Borton-Lawson Engineering.
Presentation 4 (pdf file) - Applied Soil Science to Stormwater Management and BMP Selection, Mr. Brian Oram, PG,
Presentation 5 (pdf file) - Modeling the Potential Reduction of Stormwater Runoff Using BMPs - Dr. Brian Whitman, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Wilkes University
Presentation 6 (pdf file)- Regional Initiatives to Assist in Stormwater Management - Mr. Ryan Koch, Coordinator, Pocono NE, RC&D

Other Powerpoint Presentations

Chester County Stormwater BMP Tour Guide
Stormwater | Porous Asphalt
PACD- PA Handbook of Best Management Practices
Draft Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Manual for Agriculture
Villanova University Urban Stormwater Partnership
P ADEP - Stormwater Resources
NJ Stormwater.org
F.X. Browne Inc - Stormwater Management
Stormwater Best Management Practices - Pennsylvania
Concepts: Stormwater Management Urban Areas
Concept Page: Stormwater Management and Revitalization of Community Downtown (Draft)
PA Stormwater Committee - Get Involved ! (Draft Manual for Download)

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