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Environmental Education and Outreach - Because of the continued request for more information and services related to home school and undergraduate student research projects, this website was developed. 

This website provides education outreach information, links to affordable at home testing kits, research and reference materials, and the Water Research Center.

Education Outreach Program

The Water Research Center is making available a number of free informational documents related to common drink water quality issues and problems, such as: Giardia cysts, Crytpsporidium, nitrates, lead, corrosion, bacteria and much more.  Below are three more detailed reports, but more information can be found at the help desk.   The informational documents that are available include:

Report #1: Giardia and Crytosporidium and Waterborne Disease
Report #2: Nitrates: Health Hazard
Report #3: Lead in Drinking Water
Report # 4: Color, Odor, and Turbidity of Drinking Water
Report # 5: Hardwater, Water Softener, and Treatment Systems
Report # 6: Iron and Manganese in Water and Water Treatment Options
Report # 7: Corrosion and Corrosive Water Impact on Lead and Copper Levels in Drinking Water
Report # 8: Radon in Air and Water

Links to More Information of Drinking Water Issues -
Check Out Our Online Helpguide


Water Quality Calculators and Indices
Surface Water Online References

Phosphate - Surfacewater and Groundwater
Buffer Solutions (How to Make)
Benthic Invertebrates and Rapid Bioassessment
Surface Water Quality Guidelines (PA Perspective)
ater Research Library

he Importance of Water Conservation 
The Water Cycle  - Possible Project a Water Cycle Braclet or Bolo?
The Groundwater System

Water Conservation Links
What is Water Conservation ?  Kids 4 Water Conservation
Why Save Water?       Tips on Conservation Why Use Less Water?
Do Not Waste Water ! (video) Use Water Wisely
Water Conservation at Your Home Water Conservation for Kids      Tips from other Kids
Water Conservation Comic Book 20 Ways Kids Can Save Water
Water Use Calculator          Water Glossary

 The Greener Living Online Store (Sponsored Link).



Water Conservation Games / Activities
Water Conservation Games The Water Buster - Conservation Game
Conservation - Kids Games Water Conservation Activity Book
The Water Game for the Family Water Trivia

More Environmental Learning and Conservation - Games and Activities (Sponsored Link)

Evaluation Programs

This section was added to handle the numerous email, phone calls, and other request for assistance related to student research projects.  The first set of links are to websites where you can purchase easy to use affordable testing kits for your science projects, home water screening, or home indoor environmental testing some of the testing can be done at home some needs to be mailed to a laboratory.


Experiments, References, and Projects

Watersafe Home Drinking Water Test (Available from Amazon)

At Home Water Testing Kits for School Projects - Multiple Options

Water Harvesting- Rain Gardens, Environmental Monitoring

Equipment and Supplies for Student Projects

Reference Materials/Lesson Plans

Grades 1 - 5

Grades 6+ 


Homeowners Get Your Water Tested as 
Part of Our Private Well Owner Drinking Water Testing Program