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The following contains background information related to common drinking water sources of contamination, acute and chronic health problems, health advisories, and aesthetic problems associated with drinking water.

We have put this page together in order to inform the public on a variety of topics and help them along with their testing needs.  The Water Research Center is an outreach programs developed by Mr. Brian Oram.


Drinking Water Quality Help Guide- What You Have a Problem?

Acetone in Well Water -  (NEW)
Hard Water and Your Drinking Water
Barium and Drinking Water Quality (NEW)
Bacteria in Drinking Water
Black water, Purple water, Red Water, Gas Bubbles, and other Case Studies  (NEW) _ Case Studies 1 through 4.
Black water, Purple water, Red Water, Gas Bubbles, and other Case Studies  (NEW) _ Case Studies 5 through 11.
Coliform Bacteria and Health Effects
Fecal Coliform in Water
Color, Odor, Turbidity in Drinking Water and Well Water  
Odor in Water

Corrosion - A common drinking water problem
Cryptosporidium parvum
Giardia lamblia
Iron and Manganese in Drinking and Tap Water
Lead In Drinking Water
Problems with Stains - Laundry/ Dishwasher and Fixtures
Lithium in Drinking Water - (NEW)
Water Testing Kits Services and Water Quality Parameters
Nitrate /Nitrogen Groundwater, Springs, Well Water, Spring Water
Nitrite /Nitrogen Groundwater, Springs, Well Water, Spring Water
Phosphate - Surface water and Groundwater
pH of Water (new) pH indicators
Buffer Solutions (How to Make)
Sulfates and Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion, Well Water, Nuisance Bacteria
Rotten Egg Odors- Sulfur Bacteria, Sulfur Odors
Newest Website -Total Dissolved Solids
Groundwater Under the Influence SWIP Studies, MPA, MET, Microscopic Particulate Analysis Microscopic Evaluation Technigue, GWUDI for Well Water and Groundwater Sources

SWIP Studies for Surface water Sources or Regulated Sources Filtration Performance Studies
Waterborne Pathogen Screening Test  (NEW)

Newest Website - Elementary / High School Student Project Tips
Drinking Water Treatment Options (NEW)

Newest Website - The MTBE Fact Sheet Drinking Water Issues
Newest Website - Atrazine in Water (updated)
Newest Website - Arsenic In Groundwater
Newest Website - Trihalomethanes and Drinking Water
Newest Website- Benethic Invertebrates and Rapid Bioassessment
Newest Website - Surface Water Physical Chemical Microbiological Standards
Newest Website Ozone Drinking Water Treatment
Newest Website: Radon in Drinking Water 

Newest Website: Radionuclides in Water
Newest Website: Groundwater and Drought Conditions
Newest Website: Methane Gas and Methane Gas Migration/ Mitigation in Pennsylvania (NEW)
New Website - Well by Well Review of Dimock, PA (NEW)
Our Video Section  (NEW)

Newest Website - Well Biofouling

Other helpful information
A brief explanation of Groundwater Flow Well Water

How to shock chlorinate your water supply (NEW -updated added an online video)
A listing of water quality terms
Helpful Homeowner Information Private Wells and Water Systems
Listing of Federal EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards
Listing of Federal EPA Secondary Drinking Water Standards
Free Report: Giardia in Drinking Water
Free Report: Nitrates in Drinking Water
Free Report: Lead in Drinking Water

Environmental Links
American Hemochromatosis Society -

Testing Kits

Water Check with Pesticides
Radiological Testing - Uranium, Radon, Radium, and More
City Water Testing - We have a kit for YOU.
Well Water Check - Get an Annual Check UP.
Corrosion Problems - Metallic Taste, Blue Green Staining, Leaking Pipes

Other Helpful Links

EPA Microbiology Home Page
A consumers guide to the nations drinking water
Drinking Water Treatment Systems (updated)
How much drinking water do we use in our homes?
How will I know if my drinking water remains safe?
How can I protect my drinking water supply?
Information on Septic Systems

Disinfection of a Drilled Well

Co-Authored - New Publication on Water Quality for Private Well Owners
Authored - 2nd Edition of the Private Well Owner Guide for Pennsylvania- What Do the Numbers Mean? (NEW Publication)

County and State Water Quality Projects

 (Our Partner: Carbon County Groundwater Guardians)(updated)
Lackawanna County (Private Well Owner Water Testing) - Program is also offered to
Wyoming County and Susquehanna County Outreach Programs (updated)
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania - (Well Water Testing, Lake Monitoring and more) (updated)
Monroe County, Pennsylvania - Groundwater Lake Monitoring, and Watershed Programs(updated)
Pike County, Pennsylvania (updated)
Newest Website: Water Quality Data for Your State
Hydrological and Geological Evaluations in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Private Well Owner Program and Website
Agrobusiness Private Well and Rural Water System Program
Watershed Website  (updated)
Water Quality Index  (updated)
Water Library (updated)
Power Point Presentations(updated)

MPA MET Testing Services- Microscopic Particulate Analysis
Groundwater Under Direct Influence Investigations



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