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The staff of the have a combined experience of over 30 years in the fields of chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, geology, hydrology, well construction, water quality testing, and water quality monitoring programs. Through technology transfer, funded research, grants, and consulting projects,  staff have been involved in projects concerning public utilities, individual/community water supplies, water treatment systems, lake/watershed assessments, acid rain deposition, mine drainage management, and continuing education for individuals.

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Owner of
B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.
Mr. Brian Oram, PG

teacher training soils, geology, water quality, marcellus shale
Field Training Geosciences and Soil Science

Founder- Expertise in inorganic and microbiological analysis and quality control and quality assurance programs, hydrogeology, product development, and citizen outreach programs . Mr. Oram has over 30 years experience in water quality analysis, soil science, geology, watershed management, well construction, groundwater and data interpretation and is a licensed Professional Geologist. Mr. Oram has a Master of Science in Environmental Pollution Control for The Pennsylvania State University and a BS degree from Wilkes University.  Mr. Oram is the owner of B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.

Main research interests include: land-based wastewater disposal, stormwater best management practices using bioretention/infiltration systems, groundwater management, and drinking water treatment systems.

Recent Completed Training and Certifications in
1. Licensed Well Driller - Pennsylvania.
2. Ground Source - Heating and Cooling
3. Project Management Training

Active Research and Research Interests
1. Development of treatment technologies for water and wastewater.
2. Evaluation and development of portable water treatment systems.
3. Evaluation of potable water storage systems.
4. Land-based wastewater disposal and water reuse and stormwater management best management practices.
5. Biomass energy systems and mine land reclamation.
6. Carbon Sequestering through soil development, reforestation, and subsurface storage.
7. Phosphate / Arsenic Removal and Control
8. Natural Gas Well Design / Construction and Private Well Construction as it relates to protection of Groundwater/Surfacewater Resources
9. Chemical Finger prints for tracking non-point source pollution.
10. Using Mine Water for "Green" and "Sustainable" Heating and Cooling Systems.
11. Citizen Groundwater and Surface water Database for PA
12. Assistance to Private Well Owners in PA and other States.
13. Mitigating Methane Gas Migration.
14. Updated the Water Quality Index Calculator for Surface Water.
15. Lanched Two New Phone Apps and Offering the Community Hazard Reports.

Training / Outreach

1. Developing training courses in land-based wastewater disposal, soil morphology, stormwater management, and hydric soils.
2. Facilitating Training Courses for LEED-AP, Green Associate, and other
Green "Building", Sustainability, and Green Design.

3.Training Courses to Meet Continuing Education Requirements for Pennsylvania and other state certification of registered professionals (Engineers, Surveyors, Geologists, PASEOs and others)
4. Citizen and Private Well Owner Training and Outreach
5. Online Drinking Water Helpguide
6. Case Studies of Groundwater Contamination by our team.

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Other Training Programs

Continuing Education Courses - OSHA Training, Engineers, Geologists,
Sustainability, Architects, LEED Professionals

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