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Online Information Guide to Topics Related
Water Quality, Drinking Water Testing Kits, Groundwater and Surface Water, Well Water, Common Water  Quality Problems and Water Analysis and Water Testing Services

The following contains background information related to common drinking water sources of contamination, acute and chronic health problems, health advisories, and aesthetic problems associated with drinking water.

   We have put this page together in order to inform the public on a variety of topics and help them along with their testing needs.  The Water Research Center is an outreach programs developed by Mr. Brian Oram.


Drinking Water Quality Help Guide- What You Have a Problem?

Acetone in Well Water -  (NEW)

Hard Water and Your Drinking Water
Barium and Drinking Water Quality (NEW)
Bacteria in Drinking Water
Black water, Purple water, Red Water, Gas Bubbles, and other Case Studies  (NEW) _ Case Studies 1 through 4.
Black water, Purple water, Red Water, Gas Bubbles, and other Case Studies  (NEW) _ Case Studies 5 through 11.
Coliform Bacteria and Health Effects
Fecal Coliform in Water
Color, Odor, Turbidity in Drinking Water and Well Water  
Odor in Water

Corrosion - A common drinking water problem
Cryptosporidium parvum
Giardia lamblia
Iron and Manganese in Drinking and Tap Water
Lead In Drinking Water
Problems with Stains - Laundry/ Dishwasher and Fixtures
Lithium in Drinking Water - (NEW)
Water Testing Kits Services and Water Quality Parameters
Nitrate /Nitrogen Groundwater, Springs, Well Water, Spring Water
Nitrite /Nitrogen Groundwater, Springs, Well Water, Spring Water
Phosphate - Surfacewater and Groundwater
pH of Water (new) pH indicators
Buffer Solutions (How to Make)
Sulfates and Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion, Well Water, Nuisance Bacteria
Rotten Egg Odors- Sulfur Bacteria, Sulfur Odors
Newest Website -Total Dissolved Solids
Groundwater Under the Influence SWIP Studies, MPA, MET, Microscopic Particulate Analysis
Microscopic Evaluation Technigue, GWUDI for Well Water and Groundwater Sources
SWIP Studies for Surfacewater Sources or Regulated Sources Filtration Performance Studies

Newest Website - Elementary / High School Student Project Tips
Drinking Water Treatment Options (NEW)

Newest Website - The MTBE Fact Sheet Drinking Water Issues
Newest Website - Atrazine in Water (updated)
Newest Website - Arsenic In Groundwater
Newest Website - Trihalomethanes and Drinking Water

Newest Website- Benethic Invertebrates and Rapid Bioassessment
Newest Website - Surface Water Physical Chemical Microbiological Standards
Newest Website Ozone Drinking Water Treatment
Newest Website: Radon in Drinking Water 
Newest Website: Radionuclides in Water
Newest Website: Groundwater and Drought Conditions
Newest Website: Methane Gas and Methane Gas Migration/ Mitigation in Pennsylvania (NEW)
New Website - Well by Well Review of Dimock, PA (NEW)
Our Video Section  (NEW)
Newest Website - Well Biofouling

Other helpful information
A brief explanation of Groundwater Flow Well Water

How to shock chlorinate your water supply (NEW -updated added an online video)
A listing of water quality terms
Helpful Homeowner Information Private Wells and Water Systems
Listing of Federal EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards
Listing of Federal EPA Secondary Drinking Water Standards
Free Report: Giardia in Drinking Water
Free Report: Nitrates in Drinking Water
Free Report: Lead in Drinking Water

Environmental Links
American Hemochromatosis Society -

Testing Kits

Water Check with Pesticides
Radiological Testing - Uranium, Radon, Radium, and More
City Water Testing - We have a kit for YOU.
Well Water Check - Get an Annual Check UP.
Corrosion Problems - Metallic Taste, Blue Green Staining, Leaking Pipes

Other Helpful Links

EPA Microbiology Home Page
A consumers guide to the nations drinking water
Drinking Water Treatment Systems (updated)
How much drinking water do we use in our homes?
How will I know if my drinking water remains safe?
How can I protect my drinking water supply?
Information on Septic Systems
Green Living Products for Your Home and Office
Private Well Owner and Well Driller Online Store
Marcellus Shale and Black Shale Library - Methane Gas Monitoring/ Testing
Watershed Monitoring - Tools and Supplies
Disinfection of a Drilled Well

Co-Authored - New Publication on Water Quality for Private Well Owners
Authored - 2nd Edition of the Private Well Owner Guide for Pennsylvania- What Do the Numbers Mean?(NEW Publication)

County and State Water Quality Projects

 (Our Partner: Carbon County Groundwater Guardians)(updated)
Lackawanna County (Private Well Owner Water Testing) - Program is also offered to
Wyoming County and Susquehanna County Outreach Programs (updated)
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania - (Well Water Testing, Lake Monitoring and more) (updated)
Monroe County, Pennsylvania - Groundwater Lake Monitoring, and Watershed Programs(updated)
Pike County, Pennsylvania (updated)
Newest Website: Water Quality Data for Your State
Hydrological and Geological Evaluations in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Private Well Owner Program and Website
Agrobusiness Private Well and Rural Water System Program
Assistance to Watershed Groups and Other Environmental Organizations
Watershed Website  (updated)
Watershed Support and Training (updated)
Watershed and Lake Support
Assistance to Watershed Groups
Water Quality Index  (updated)
Water Library (updated)
Power Point Presentations(updated)

MPA MET Testing Services- Microscopic Particulate Analysis
Groundwater Under Direct Influence Investigations



How You Can Help Support this Information Website
Private Well Owner Survey for Pennsylvania - Free Program (NEW)

Pennsylvania Private Well Owner - Citizen Groundwater / Surfacewater Database
Working Together to Track Change

Private Well Owner Survey For United States (New Free Outreach)

New Booklet (2nd Edition) - Private Well Owner Guide for Pennsylvania-
What Do the Numbers Mean?

(NEW Publication)


LEED- AP / Green Associate Training/



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Endocrine Disrupters/ Health and Home Issues

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Stormwater Best Management Practices

Watershed Issues
Wellhead Protection
Environmental Education

New Education Guide for Private Well Owners in Pennsylvania (2012)
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Penn Environment.Org
Pennsylvania’s environment

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Pocono Northeast Resource
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Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Tobyhanna Creek/Tunkhannock Creek Watershed Association

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Wyoming County Conservation District

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Exploring Audubon's Lehigh - An Auto Tour
Water Treatment and Testing
Carbon County Groundwater Guardians
Carbon County Groundwater Guardians
Moyer Well Drilling

WNEP-16Wyoming Valley Wilkes Barre Business Directory

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American Water Surveyors services ranchers, farmers, homeowners, golf course developers, municipalities and private water companies in site selection for drilling a water well. The use of our proprietary software and seismic technology can detect the presence or absence of groundwater. If water is detected we can provide the approximate depth and yield range measured in gallons per minute or liters per second. Water well drillers get paid by the foot whether they hit water or not, so we save our clients thousands of dollars by avoiding drilling dry wells or drilling on sites that have very little yield potential.

Alkaline Water Benefits
(Bawell Ionizers) Medical studies have highlighted the benefits of reduced and ionized water.  A summary of the available literature and information on the benefits and scientific information on this topic.

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. is a private, PA DEP accredited (35-03470) drinking water, non-potable water (wastewater,) and solid chemical materials laboratory that is locally owned and operated in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With over 35 years of experience, Quantum analysts ensure quality results for each client. Using methods approved for federal and state environmental regulatory programs, as well as self-designed, accredited methods for environmental analyses, Quantum A/E Labs provides the most accurate and effective results possible. (New)

Spartan Environmental Technologies
supplies ozone generators and other advanced oxidation processes for industrial and municipal water treatment applications.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center
- Experienced national mesothelioma and asbestos professional - FREE information packets, books, veteran assistance, and more is the premier online distributor of accurate, reliable, easy-to-use Myron L Meters, including Ultrameters and Ultrapens. Save 10% on durable pH, conductivity, TDS, resistivity, ORP, free chlorine, and salinity meters for water treatment, HVAC, food and beverage, agriculture, brewing, the pool industry and more..

Safety Trainer Online-OSHA Accepted Online Training

User friendly online interactive OSHA Accepted safety training programs. OSHA 10 & 30 Hour "Lifetime" Outreach Cards.40-24-8 Hour HAZWOPER Training Online. OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Construction & General Industry Training. Available in SPANISH.

AquaKnow (Based in Texas) is dedicated to promoting clean, safe drinking water by providing our customers with comprehensive water quality testing information. We will provide validated results in a professional and technical manner that responds to the needs of our customers.

Iron Deficiency
Many of the symptoms of iron overload are the same as Iron Deficiency, including fatigue, weakness and lack of energy. However, people with hemochromatosis generally experience a darkening of skin color (often referred to as bronzing), while those suffering from iron deficiency Anemia will experience a pale skin color.

Aqua Technologies
of Wyoming - Supplier of a Proprietary High-Grade Filtration Medium Capable of Adsorbing Approximately 70% of its Weight in Hydrocarbons

- Industry experts rate and review all types of particle counters from several popular brands. Site features comparisons charts and helpful information about particle counters.

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center
- the web's leading resource for those affected by asbestos cancer.

Private Well Class
- The Private Well Class is a free online service, grant-funded to educate homeowners about their private wells (Webinars).   Our Free Education Program - Go to

The project -- -- is a free and comprehensive resource that is a collection of open college course that spans videos, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton and MIT.

Find best price manufacturers and suppliers for products of RO Water Filters, Whole House Carbon Water Filters, Hiking Water Filters and Alkaline Water Ionizers.

HVAC Ann Arbor
- CMR Mechanical provides exceptional heating, cooling, furnace, geothermal & air conditioning products & services for residential and commercial buildings in Southeast Michigan, including Dexter, Ann Arbor, Chelsea and Brighton. We are located at 3611 Central Street, Dexter MI, 48130.

This is Our Earth
- Learn about everything green, eco friendly, organic, sustainable, alternative energy, recycle, energy efficiency.

Doma Italian Market-  302 East Drinker Street, Dunmore, PA 18512 - DOMA Importing Company is an authentic Italian market located in Dunmore, PA, near Scranton and has been in business since 1935. We make homemade mozzarella cheese and sweet, hot and garlic sausage.

Water Filters and Water Treatment
-Find filtration dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, installers, service dealers, trade organizations, news media and more

Water Damage Restoration
: Water Damage Restoration by Kiwi Services is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Friends Of Water
- Awareness of the risks to water, save water, and filter water - and to be of service and have some fun.
Waterfall includes story telling, water news and information, funny water stories, inspiration to save water and conserve water.New Site

- The NO sand mound experts - Experts on the construction and selection of land-based wastewater disposal systems for residential septic and commercial needs (Expert Septic).

Solar Panels-Grant solar thermal panels. Bronze finish. Self cleaning glass. Conform to the highest European standards, and carry the Solar Keymark approval.

Bionics Advanced Filtration Systems P Ltd.-An ISO certified water treatment company with over 25 of experience in designing water and wastewater treatment systems. Installation services are provided worldwide.

Mapping Tools - Environmental Hazards


Endocrine Disruptors and Environmental Health Issues

Endocrine Disruptors -comprehensive resource for environmental, health and safety information about bisphenol A (BPA). Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins 
 Endocrine Disruptors Research Initiative comprehensive source
for information on styrene health effects and regulatory issues.

Marcellus Utica Black Shale and Hydraulic Fracturing

Information Related to Marcellus Gas Well Activity  
Ohio - Citizens Collaborative (Marcellus Shale)

Environmental and Health Issues
Legionnaires'  Disease FAQ
Drinking Water Treatment

Mesothelioma Center: a comprehensive
website featuring information on asbestos
exposure and mesothelioma.

Home Issues

Free Information on Mold in the Water Library

Private Well and Water Treatment in
the Water Library
(Free pdf files)


 Stormwater Issues - Best Management
Low Impact Development

Pennsylvania Stormwater Infiltration Soils Testing Best Management
PA Stormwater Manual Oversight Committee
Urban Stormwater BMP Study US EPA

Watershed / GIS Issues

EPA Surf Your Watershed
Water Wetlands, Oceans & Watersheds  Watersheds
EPA Watershed Academy
Watershed Resource Site
The Western Pennsylvania Watershed Program
Surf Your Watershed - enter your zip code

Wellhead Protection Issues and Links

Homeowner, Private Well Owner Outreach Program
EPA Ground Water Drinking Water Wellhead Protection (WHPP)
Pennsylvania Rural Water AssociationPrivate Well Class- Water Problem Library (Free Information)

Environmental Education Issues and Links

Citizen Monitoring Programs
EPA  Volunteer Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality
Field Training and Workshops in Earth Science
Watershed Education - Pennsylvania State Parks - PA DCNR
Keystone Clean Water Team

Government - County, State and Federal Websites

EPA Sites

Online Regulation Scan - OSHA, DOT, FDA, EPA, State, and International

Search the EPA Website

EPA Office of Ground Water; Drinking Water

EPA Microbiology Website

EPA Indoor Air Quality Page
Guide to EPA Air Sampling Standards

EPA /National Sites

Safe Drinking Water Information System

National Health Information Network

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

National Park Service

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

and Local Sites

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and
Natural Resources

PA Game Commission

Pocono Northeast Resource
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Development  Council



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American Chemical Society

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American Water Works

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

ASHE - American Society for Healthcare Engineering
Association for the Environmental Health of Soils

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Bottled Water Web-
Great Website Resource

Center for Disease Control

Centre for Groundwater Studies

Clean Sites.ORG

Consumer Product Safety Commission

E - L

Electric Power Research Institute


Gas Research Institute (GRI)

GEO - Global Environmental Options

Global Recycling Network

Ground-Water Remediation
Technologies Analysis Center

HYDROWEB - International

 Association for Environmental Hydrology

Health Online


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National Association of Environmental Professionals

National Society of Professional Engineers

North American Association for Environmental Education

National Fire Protection Association

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Pennsylvania Association of
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PA Association of Groundwater
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PA Association of Soil Scientist
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Pollution Online

Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

Residential Energy Efficiency Database (REED)

Small Enterprise Assistance Fund

Solid Waste Online

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH)

Water Environment Federation

Water Online

World Health Organization



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Audubon America An Auto Tour

Carbon County Groundwater Guardians

Canaan Valley Institute

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed
 The Delaware Estuary Program

National Groundwater Association
NOAA Home Page

Lehigh River Stocking Association


Water Environment Federation

We ALL Live Downstream

League of Women Voters - Drinking Water Wise

Watershed Academy

World Wildlife Fund


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Duane Moyer Well Drilling

F.X Browne Inc.

Vibra-Tech: Vibration Monitoring


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Global Water- Water Instrumentation

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Zabel Environmental




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The Guardian Newletter


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Association for Experiential Education
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Pennsylvania Association of
Environmental Professionals
- Job Announcements
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Great Misc Links

AquaScams:  water pseudoscience, fantasy and frauds. A survey of "alternative" catalytic and magnetic water treatment devices,  and of "clustered water" health scams.

Water Testing Scams- From Green Nature- Recommend steps to avoid a scam

GreenWorks, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit organization with the mission of spreading a simple message: real people are making a difference to protect our planet.

CIH Equipment  specializes in environmental test equipment repair and calibration, flow calibration, noise control, and sound level meter calibration. CIH Equipment is a full service Industrial Hygiene rental, calibration and repair facility. We specialize in NIST traceable calibrations, component level repairs and battery rebuilding. We also feature a complete line of sound, air, particle, ventilation, IAQ and gas monitoring equipment rentals. Our True One Day Rentals makes this the most cost-effective rental program in the industry.

HighSafety  Areas of expertise include assisting industrial and commercial clients with OSHA compliance, including: program development, site safety and health audits, personal employee exposure monitoring (dust, fumes, vapors, noise), and employee training tailored to the population and hazards of the worksite.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations are a natural outgrowth of our industrial hygiene expertise. Areas of expertise include assisting industrial and commercial clients with OSHA compliance, including: program development, site safety and health audits, personal employee exposure monitoring (dust, fumes, vapors, noise), and employee training tailored to the population and hazards of the worksite.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations are a natural outgrowth of our industrial hygiene expertise.  NEW!   Online Safety Training

Private Well Owner Education Resources (New)

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New Online Training Courses for Professionals
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Mr. Brian Oram is a licensed professional geologist and soil scientist with over 25 years experience in applied earth and environmental sciences.  Mr. Oram has conducted research and consulting projects related to acid mine drainage ( AMD ), mine drainage, lake and stream monitoring programs, wetland creation and monitoring, filtration plant performance evaluations, testing new point of use water treatment devices and systems, hydrogeological evaluations, geological investigations, soils testing, soil morphological evaluations, water well drilling and construction, drinking water testing, mail order water testing kit program, and land reclamation. Mr. Oram has also been involved with Citizen Monitoring and other Environmental Training Programs for groups within the United States, Europe, and even the former Soviet Union.

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Private Well Owners, Common Water Quality Problems City Water, Drinking Water Testing

Education Guide for Private Well Owners and City Water Users
Get Yours Today!
  Goal: Clean Drinking Water

Private well owner education, pennsylvania water, private well water testing, contaminated dirty water, natural gas drilling impacts   PA water testing program, water testing, testing water marcellus shale, flowback brine, frac water reuse,water testing laboratory, water testing kits, well water tests,  copper lead drinking water, private well, water tests

Private Well Owner
Common Problems, Causes, and Solutions
The Importance of Private Well Owner Education

Private Well Water and City Water Testing Analysis
Drinking Water Help Guides
How to Shock Disinfect a Private Well or Spring


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Website Dedicated to Information and Free Resources for Private Well Owners, Evaluation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Private Well Water Testing,Water Quality and Education/Outreach Programs - We Need Your Help to Spread the Word!

Mr. Brian Oram is a licensed professional geologist and soil scientist with over 25 years experience in applied earth and environmental sciences. Targeted outreach to private well owners and city water users throughout the world.

Mr. Oram has conducted research and consulting projects related to acid mine drainage ( AMD ), mine drainage, lake and stream monitoring programs, wetland creation and monitoring, filtration plant performance evaluations, testing new point of use water treatment devices and systems, hydrogeological evaluations, geological investigations, soils testing, soil morphological evaluations, water well drilling and construction, drinking water testing, mail order water testing kit program, private well water testing programs, and land reclamation. Mr. Oram has also been involved with Citizen Monitoring and other Environmental Training Programs for groups within the United States, Europe, and even the former Soviet Union.

The main reason is that most private wells and small water systems are not regulated by the EPA or the DEP in a given state and in Pennsylvania about 50% of private wells produce water that does not meet a primary health standard, i.e., Could Make the Well Owner Sick.  Therefore, it is up to the individual private well owner to ensure that the water is safe. This website has been up and running for over 25 years with the primary mission of providing free information on this topic to well owners.  We have had over 1,400,000 + unique visitors and many private well owners from throughout the world use this portal.  

In Pennsylvania, we have found that typically at least 10 % of private well have one or more of these problems:
a. Low pH / corrosive water
b. Elevated Iron and/or Manganese
c. Elevated Bacteria (Actually it is 40 % to 50% for this parameter)

Less than 5 % of private wells have problems with methane gas, barium, alpha/beta, and other contaminants that would suggest a saline water source.  In the middle, we have found about 5 to 10% may have problems with copper, lead, arsenic, and plasticizers. 

Note- For example: There are over 1 million private wells in Pennsylvania. Assume 3 citizens per household and 50 % of households having contaminated water, this means that 1.5 million citizens of the Commonwealth are Drinking Water that could make them SICK - This is a Health Crisis!  GET YOUR Water Tested ! It is Important to Learn, Test, and Act.

To Act, we recommend the following:

1. Get Educated and Informed.
2. Get Your Water Tested
3. Work as a Community to Develop Local and State Solutions

If you want to learn about "Fracking" - We Offer these two articles "Words Matter", "243 Cases in NEPA- Private Wells"  and "Baseline Testing is Not Just about Collecting a Sample" and a Series of Online Training Courses on Fracking, please visit us at

Some Tools to Get YOU Started In Protecting Groundwater and Your Private Well
Get Your Water Tested and Take Action!