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Mr. Brian Oram is a licensed professional geologist and soil scientist with over 23 years experience in applied earth and environmental sciences.  Mr. Oram has conducted research and consulting projects related to acid mine drainage ( AMD ), mine drainage, lake and stream monitoring programs, wetland creation and monitoring, filtration plant performance evaluations, testing new point of use water treatment devices and systems, hydrogeological evaluations, geological investigations, soils testing, soil morphological evaluations, water well drilling and construction, drinking water testing, mail order water testing kit program, and land reclamation. Mr. Oram has also been involved with Citizen Monitoring and other Environmental Training Programs for groups within the United States, Europe, and even the former Soviet Union and has been involved with contamination cases related to gasoline, heating oil, road salt, saline water, gas migration, nitrates, sewage and much more.

As part of our education outreach program, we have been reviewing the EPA Data generated for Dimock, Pennsylvania (Susquehanna County). The purpose of this review is to be a fact based review of the findings.  The main goal is to understand the water testing results, identify water quality parameters of concern, with the hope of creating a resource to properly educate and inform other well owners. This is a fact based review of the data and we have made every effort to not make any formal judgments.   

Some have asked why? -   I was not involved with any of the initial sampling for this region, but I was on-site during the sampling and field evaluation of one home and I have visited a number of the private wells in the area.  I visited these homes, because I was invited by the homeowners.  The most frustrating part of this experience, for me, has been the lack of a fact-based review of the data.  That is what you will find here - a fact based review with NO SPIN either way.  I try not to make any judgments.     The main goal of this evaluation is to understand the nature of the regional water quality and to provide a fact based review of the data.   The results are compared the EPA and Pennsylvania Drinking Water Standards.  If no standard was available, we searched for a standard that has been established by another state or the World Health Organization.

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HW-1 Dimock Private Well Marcellus Shale EPA Sampling January 2012

HW-02 January 25, 2012 - a review of the data

 HW-3 EPA Dimock methyl ethyl ketone MEK 2-Butanone carbon disulfide Caprolactam methane iron

HW-4 January 2012 EPA Data Private Well Review by Oram- Barium, Iron, Lead, Benzo(a)pyrene, 4-Bromopheyl-Phenyl Ether, Fluoranthene,

HW- 5 EPA Dimock Iron methane barium well water PA

 HW-6 Dimock Data  barium, copper, methane, nickel, thermogenic gas

HW-7 February 2012 EPA barium, manganese, lead, copper, nickel, zinc

 HW-8 glycols, bacteria, copper, lead, methane, acetone, Anthracene

HW-9 Acetone, Arsenic, Barium, Copper, Lead, Lithium, ethane, methane, glycols Pennsylvania

HW-11 Methane, Acetone, Methyl ethyl ketone, Manganese, glycols, barium, strontium, uranium, thermogenic

HW-12 Dimock 1/26/2012 Arsenic, Boron, Barium, Iron, Manganese, Nickel, Strontium, Uranium, Methane, Chloroethane, Methyl Chloride

HW-13 Dimock Data EPA January 30, 2012

HW-14 EPA Dimock Data Review January 2012 Biogenic Gas

HW-15 Methane, Manganese, Barium, Strontium, dimethyl phthalate , sodium, arsenic Biogenic


HW-16 Methane Boron Barium Acetone Ketone, Strontium, Iron, Manganese, Biogenic


HW-17 arsenic, barium, methane, uranium, thermogenic gas

Well – HW-18 (1/30/2012)- arsenic, bromide, strontium, glycols, uranium, barium, aluminum, standard  plate count

HW-19 Dimock Data Review barium, chloride, phthalate

HW- Well 20 - Dimock, PA - copper, corrosion, Dimock PA, dimock well water, lead, private well, Susquehanna County, total dissolved solids, zinc

Dimock HW-24 boron fluoride methane lithium barium glycols

Dimock PA - EPA - HW - 47 Barium Arsenic Methane benzyl butyl phthalate (NEW)

Get Your Water Tested - Check the Quality of Your Water for Less (Mail Order Program)

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